The Unicorn is probably the most mystical of all fable animals. White as snow and pure as angels, they are the symbol of good. They are also feared for their ability to fight evil.

A Unicorn looks like a tall white stallion with a long, spiral, golden horn on it's forehead. The hooves also have a soft golden color. The teeth are white and perfect.

Unicorns are extremely proud and very shy. They live alone and avoid humans and other intelligent beings. Violent creatures and enemies to mother earth are their deadly enemies. Unicorns will attack such creatures with a deadly rage if they come close. If pursued by friendly beings the Unicorn will escape as long as it can. It will attack only if pushed in to a corner.

Only a kind-hearted, pure and innocent virgin may be allowed to get close. The Unicorn may in this case even get charmed by her and become her servant and riding animal for as long as she does not let a man seduce her.

Unicorns are immune to all poisons. If a Unicorn touches a friendly being with it's horn the touch will heel. It will telepathically discover any enemies to itself or it's mistress. Unicorns are intelligent and communicate telepathically among each other.

The Unicorns of Unicorn Farm roam fee but stays mainly within Skatan Eco Reserve because of the beautiful and special nature. They are so shy that it is nearly impossible to even get a glimpse at one.

Very early in the morning, under cover of the morning fog, they will walk down to the small lakes within the Eco Reserve to drink and take a bath in the very clean, cool water.

If you really want to se one of the Unicorns you have to hide by one of the lakes very early in the morning a clear autumn day. The denser the fog, the more likely that they will come for a drink.

You must stay completely soundless and you have to find peace within yourself and enter a positive state of mind. Any negative emotions they will detect telepathically and stay hidden.