Unicorn Farm in winter


Unicorn Farm has a very private location. The farmhouse is nestled in between tall majestic pines with a view over the fields and private lake. The surrounding terrain is fantastic for riding, mainly consisting of pines growing on a sandy forest floor, criss-crossed with small trails and roads. Hot summer days a cooling swim can be taken in the private lake or at the public bathing place only 2 km away.

Unicorn Farm in Gäddträsk lies between the villages Strycksele and Gladaberg in the municipality of Vindeln.

The distance to the town Vindeln is 25 km, to Lycksele 50 km and to the city of Umeå 80 km.


Unicorn Farm in winter


Unicorn Farm is situated next to Skatans Ekopark, a very special and beautiful forest reserve covering 1500 hectares, containing many unique tourist attractions. The area is characterized by billowing pine covered sandy moors, extensive lake systems and long boulder-ridges cutting through the landscape. Within the forest reserve you will find the much smaller and older Valfrid Paulsson Reserve, dominated by two small lakes named Blåtjärnarna. The gravel road passing through the area was 2003 chosen the second most beautiful road in Sweden.

Through Skatans Ekopark runs the extremely picturesque walking trail ISÄLVSLEDEN which spans all the way between Vindeln and Åmsele, a stretch of approximately 60 km. The trail passes within a kilometer from Unicorn Farm.

Within Skatans Ekopark you can find exiting attractions such as a gigantic sand dune 15 m high and 2 km long, enormous erratic boulders that looks as if they are on the brink of falling down, special miniature lakes created by the inland ice during the last ice age. Some may still have ice from the ice age deep under the bottom. You can also find an old tower once used to scout for forest fires which provides an awesome view over the surrounding landscape.


Summer by the private lake

Winter view across field and own lake

Sunnset by the lake


If you are out very early in the morning you may catch a glimpse of Unicorn Farm's own unicorns. They are snow white, extremely shy and roam freely in the forest reserve. They are easiest to spot when they come to the lakes for a swim, but they only come under cover of the early morning fog.