The sun shines from a clear blue sky, a butterfly flutters, a bee is humming

The northern pines stand tall around you

The scent of warm forest is dense in the air

The trail is covered by a thick layer of pine needels that dampens the sound of hoves

It's summer in Lapland...

Unicorn Farm!

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In winter
a realy cold day

The air is crisp

The landscape is bright and glistening as if covered with diamonds

The creaking sound of hooves on frozen ground cuts through the air and big clouds of steam leaves the horses nostrils as he pulls the sled through the frosty landscape

We specializes in giving individuals and small groups a high quality, unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.

Visit Unicorn Farm for a variety of nature based adventures, both with and without horses. During summer and autumn you can do trail riding from 1hour to several days. You can go with horse and carriage and try horseback archery if you dare. You can also test your courage in the wild waters of the mighty Vindelriver with Unicorn Rafting for more details se

In winter you can go trail riding or try horse and sled.

If you want a less adventurous experience you can take a nature walk in Skatan Eco Reserve, brush and cuddle one of the horses or do some archery from the ground.

For the ultimate experience you can combine any of these activities, for example go rafting in the morning, eat lunch and go riding in the afternoon.

We are conveniently situated an hour's drive from Umeå, 30 min from Vindeln and 40 min from Lycksele. Both Lycksele and Umeå have local airports with daily flights to Stockholm.


Presently we have 6 full size horses. Unicorn Farm is continuously developing new short and long trails. This summer we will open a new 18 km long trail from our new farm to Ekorrsele where we can stay overnight and eat wilderness meals in a Sami hut, experience sauna, hot bath tub and much more (must be ordered in advance). This trail then connects with our old 15 km long trail that takes us to our old farm where we also can stay overnight.

For the longer rides you need to have basic riding experience however we do take beginners on shorter rides. Recommended level of riding experience is stated for each ride.



Yours Sincerely

Arne Backlund